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Biometric AML and Proof of Funds check

Supplied by: Identity Checker


Identity Checker is our digital ID verification solution that provides a safe, secure, stress-free way for you to confirm customer identities, and reduce the risk of identity fraud. 

Backed by Yoti, Biometric AML and Proof of Funds check allows you to gather all relevant information via secure encryption; just enter your clients’ contact details, and they do the rest.  

Verification checks happen in real time, so as your client continues the process, you can track progress. With a proof of funds check included, you can add extra validation of authenticity all through the same process. 

How does it work? 

  • A link is sent to your client, which they can open on a smartphone or tablet or computer
  • Using the camera, they can scan their face to secure and protect their account 
  • Customers can then upload documents direct to their account – all whilst authenticity checks are performed in the background 


  • All data your client shares is securely encrypted for added peace of mind 
  • Authenticity is checked by both AI vision and an expert security team 
  • Face scan technology can spot masks, impersonations, or fakes with easy-to-use anti-spoofing liveness tests.
  • Address verification by TransUnion 
  • Always keep track of your client’s progress and be notified when checks are complete. 
  • No extraneous app download required - just a single link opened on any smart device. 


Want Biometric AML without a proof of funds? Click here for our Biometric AML product.

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